You own a small to medium-sized company operating in the healthcare and medical sector.
You are facing the challenge of handing your business over to the next generation.
You need a next generation leader who shares your passion for your business and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.
You want a person with the skills and resources to sustainably develop your company for the long term.

A personal solution to your succession challenge

With passion and expertise in healthcare and medicine



My name is Maximilian Weidl and I have set up my company MED Leaders to provide you with an innovative answer for the future of your business.

I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about creating solutions in healthcare and medicine.

For the past six years since studying economics, I have worked for healthcare providers, consultants and investors in the healthcare sector. Active in Germany, the UK and the US, I obtained a variety of experiences and have built a global network.

In my work I always asked myself the following questions: What is high quality healthcare? How can I address the challenges in the healthcare industry? How can I enhance a company to succeed in the long term?

These are the questions that guide me. 

For MED Leaders I have brought together a network of investors and experts in healthcare and medicine. I offer my entrepreneurship and the outstanding expertise of my network to leverage your business.

Get to know me and find out what I can do for you.


For MED Leaders I have carefully selected a global network of investors and experts. These are successful entrepreneurs, innovators and managers active in the healthcare and medical industry. They share my entrepreneurial thinking and contribute a broad range of expertise.

They support me in developing a great company.


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For you as the owner of that business, I offer an opportunity to seize the financial reward of your work, while preserving your legacy and, through me, increasing your impact.

With MED Leaders I can offer you a tailored solution for your business. If you would like to retain a stake in the business or would like to take on a new operational role, let’s talk about it.

Let's have a conversation

I invite you, as business owners, to get in touch to find out what MED Leaders can do for you and your company. 

Let’s start a dialogue. No effort. No obligations.

Just send me an email to and we will set up a time to talk.